Baltimore produces another sports champ

I was, as were many other sports fans, proud and excited about the accomplishments of the Baltimore Ravens in the month of January. However, it can not be denied that the Baltimore Sun sports writers neglected to mention the triumphant performance of a young professional boxer named Emanuel Taylor.

Mr. Taylor, a local prospect in the junior welterweight division with a record of 15 wins and one defeat, was fighting a more experienced Ramon Serrano of Philadelphia with an 18-1 record. The match took place on January 25 at the Paramount Arena in New York City. Showtime televised the 10-round fight nationwide.

The rounds were close until Mr. Taylor exploded in the sixth round with two and three punch combinations, which caused Mr. Serrano to stagger enough to make the referee stop the fight on a T.K.O. The announcer declared, "Winner by knockout from Edgewood, Maryland, Emanuel Taylor!"

Lou Benson, Joppa

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