Baltimore needs state-of-the-art schools to grow

As a concerned Baltimore City school teacher, I was caught up in the City Council's deliberations regarding the bottle tax ("Bottle tax rise gains in council," June 12). I was imagining a classroom with beautiful, vibrant colors and large clear windows that allowed natural light to pass through.

I thought of clean scents of newness and possibilities. I thought of how I could help my students understand that our school is an example of what is possible through hard work and perseverance. I imagined standing in the front of the classroom explaining mathematical concepts using technology and chemical reaction processes in a state-of-the art science laboratory.

I'm encouraged that 11 of our 15 council members voted for the bottle tax. How can we lose when we support our children? Schools, like bridges and power lines, are critical for the city's survival and must be repaired.

The bottle tax is one part of a multi-step solution that the council can act on now. I am eager to support other options the mayor and council can agree on, and I urge them to move quickly. Building state-of- the art school facilities is essential if we want to grow our city.

Terrell Williams

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