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Readers Respond

Why young people like Federal Hill [Letter]

Regarding commentator Gary K. Katz's recent piece on Baltimore Beach, as a college student and future engineer I have just begun to consider what I plan on doing after I graduate from the University of Maryland ("Don't pave paradise," July 29).

Factors to consider are, of course, job opportunities, living opportunities and social opportunities. With these three in mind, the area of Federal Hill has always appealed to me as having great potential for an educated 20-something.

Part of this is due to the extraordinary athletic offering that Rash Field presents. Having played beach volleyball there for three summers now, and having grown used to the warm and inviting atmosphere that the park has to offer, I hope that the city of Baltimore knows not to expect to maintain the interest of young college students such as myself without such amenities.

With that said, I am off to the Orioles game.

Owen Ward, College Park

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