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Fight back: No on Questions 5 and 7

Many of us in the political center, even lifelong Democrats, are not very impressed with Annapolis lately. Our intention, justifiably, is to vote against everything on Nov. 6.

In the Maryland tradition of pragmatism, I suggest a better way: Vote against gambling (Question 7) and vote against redistricting (Question 5), the ballot questions which exemplify the arrogance taken hold of the political establishment. Plus, it hits them in the wallet. However, the question of marriage (Question 6) and the Dream Act (Question 4) primarily affect the lives of hardworking, decent people in our community. Families hardly deserve to be at the losing end of our displeasure with politicians.

By rejecting Questions 5 and 7, we send a shot across the bow of those who place self-interest above the business of the people, yet we move forward on issues of fairness and opportunity.

Mark Counselman, Baltimore

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