Don't tax my shopping bag [Letter]

Just when I thought our City Council couldn't act dumber, it does. With all the problems facing Baltimore, the use of a shopping bag is not one ("City may impose 10-cent bag fee," Jan. 22). Why do our elected officials waste time on such nonsense? No doubt they drive everywhere (or utilize staff members to do so). They don't understand how important it is for shoppers to have something to carry their groceries and other items home in.

I live right on the Jones Falls in downtown Baltimore and can assure you after a heavy rain, it's a tide of white plastic cups and bottles congesting the waterway. And after all the brouhaha about "paper or plastic," even the sacred paper bag will be taxed but not pizza boxes. Unfair!

And if the farmers markets are exempt, might I ask why? What about thrift shops, flea markets and church bazaars? These are venues I also patronize. This is nothing more than a back door taxation on local merchants and a harassment of Baltimore residents.

Please, City Council and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, don't do this.

Rosalind Ellis, Baltimore

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