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Stopping the spread of deadly bacteria in nursing homes

In 2011, I spent six months in hospitals and nursing homes recovering from a bacterial infection called C-Difficile that I caught after surgery ("Nightmare bacteria," March 8). It is easily passed from patient to patient.

While in the nursing homes I noticed a lack of the kind of proper care that would have prevented this potentially fatal illness. When I was admitted, not only was I placed in a semi-private room, exposing the other patient, I was given a remote control that had dried feces and blood on it. I reported it, but I'm sure this kind of thing happens constantly.

The walkers, rehab equipment and telephones patients are given to use are not disinfected. Even visiting a physician for an exam exposes one to infection.

Over the years, we have seen an over of antibiotics and hormones in meats and meat products. Such constant use of antibiotics has rendered many strains of bacteria resistant to the drugs that have long been used to combat infections.

The National Institutes of Health the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should require nursing homes and hospitals to do a better job cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment and patients' accommodations. Having private rooms for all patients can help stop the spread of these deadly organisms.

Lois Raimondi Munchel

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