Doubts about Brown [Letter]

I have been watching with interest how Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has conducted himself as he heads into the June primary election and possibly the general election in November ("Brown leads Democrats in governor's race, but many undecided," Feb. 15).

He has been quick to shuck all responsibility for the problems associated with Obamacare in Maryland. How could he be to blame, since no told him there was a problem?

If he can't oversee that program why should we expect anything different from him as governor? The leader of a project should not have to rely on someone telling them there is a problem. A real leader has the ability and instincts to know how things are going and take responsibility for both good and bad.

I have seen nothing to show why I should believe that as governor Mr. Brown can manage Maryland any better than he managed the rollout of the state's health exchange.

Julian Mangum, Forest Hill

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