Bin Laden's lasting victory

The hoopla of commemorations, ceremonies and speeches about 9/11 have come and gone, but each time an air traveler submits to an invasive body search that violates the Muslim custom of modesty, the soul of Osama bin Laden laughs; even though dead, he won a victory over the United States.

The terrorist was so successful that 10 years later we are still living in mortal fear. We have become slaves to our mania for security, and for it we have sacrificed not only modesty, but privacy, peace of mind and, to a large extent, personal autonomy.

That horrible day has not been forgotten, nor has the terror that struck us diminished much with the passage of time. We have been weakened, not strengthened by our fear, which has branched into phobias toward any and all we call "others." God help us.

Thad Paulhamus, Baltimore

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