Is it politics or policy behind calls for change to Annapolis city government? [Letter]

The Annapolis City Council may have the right to vote in a council-city manager form of government, but this is really a governing issue and it should be handled through the ballot box and adopted by the registered voters of the city ("Annapolis City Council considers stripping mayor's powers," Nov. 10).

Council Democrats need to rethink their approach to losing this year's mayoral race; taking the power away from the registered voters is not a good idea. They might very well lose their jobs in the next election.

I am a Democrat, a progressive liberal and I supported former Mayor Josh Cohen 100 percent. However, from my time working with former Alderman Sam Shropshire and serving on the Board of Elections, I'd like to remind the members of the current council that they are part of the reason the city had major financial and leadership problems in the first place. This election was also a referendum on their leadership. The citizens of Annapolis cast their ballots, and the Republican candidate, Mike Pantelides, won; the people spoke.

When a group of people can't work together for the betterment of the people they represent, the problem lies with those elected, not the form of government. We've experienced enough childishness in Congress over the past six years to last a lifetime, and we certainly don't need to go through the same thing in Annapolis. We are after all the capitol of a state that leads the country in many areas of Democratic government, and it is vitally important to the city and the country that Maryland continues to lead.

If the City Council proceeds with changing the form of government at this time, it might become necessary to ask the state attorney general's office to look into the matter. Is it just a temper tantrum because a Democrat lost an election or is there another reason? Mayor-elect Pantelides has stated he is going to fight two major issues, Crystal Spring and the City Dock master plan. So why the rush to strip away his governing powers?

S. Lee Caudle, Annapolis

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