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Ann Miller's legacy

It was extremely inspiring to read about Ann Miller's life and the selflessness she embodied for nearly 100 years ("Ann Miller, Md. Food Bank Founder," July 21).

Ms. Miller was a trailblazer, serving in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II and achieving the rank of lieutenant. She identified challenges in her community and influenced the founding of programs that are still making a difference today.

As the article pointed out, Ms. Miller founded the first food bank on the East Coast in 1979 and set a model that many states followed to help neighbors in need. With her vision and contemporary leaders such as Bill Ewing and Deborah Flateman, the Maryland Food Bank continues to be a leader in hunger relief.

Thank you for shining such a bright light on one of our state's finest nonprofit leaders and a dedicated visionary. Ann will truly be missed but her legacy will live on through the Maryland Food Bank until hunger is ended.

Anthony Hucker

The writer is president of Giant Food.

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