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Don't judge Blue Angels captain so quickly [Letter]

As a passionate aerospace buff and American taxpayer, I'm discouraged a man of Capt. Gregory McWherter's talent, training and expertise would be relieved of his Blue Angels command based on allegations of a "nasty work environment." I've read Susan Reimer's account ("Where are all the heroes?" April 28) and searched the Internet for what exactly Captain McWherter said or did, and I could find nothing. The word "allegation" is everywhere, yet there's no mention of the person or persons who filed these sexual harassment complaints.

Unlike Ms. Reimer, I have considerable knowledge of what it takes to become a Blue Angel since I've studied aerospace history for years. Furthermore, I watched in amazement as the U.S. Navy aerobatic team performed during Baltimore's 2012 Sailabration. To relieve someone with the ability, nerve, experience and skill to command this incredible team based on allegations of sexually explicit speech is sickening.

Also, unlike Ms. Reimer, I've studied military history (presently, I'm investigating the Crimean War of 1854) and recognize there are stressful situations where untoward comments and situations arise.

Before the Navy dismisses Captain McWherter from the Blue Angels, there needs to be more investigation and solid evidence. It took years to train this man — and millions of my taxpayer dollars. Even though I am a woman and deplore sexual harassment, I believe in justice. The Navy should seek more than merely "allegations by a former member of the Blue Angels."

Rosalind Heid, Baltimore

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