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How could Harris vote against aid for Sandy victims?

I'm shocked that anyone would agree with the inept vote of Maryland Rep. Andy Harris against aid to Hurricane Sandy's victims ("What was Harris thinking in opposing Sandy aid?" Jan. 9).

When he was elected, the first thing Representative Harris asked was: "When does my health insurance kick in?" It shows such hypocrisy and lack of empathy for him to now deny aid to the Eastern Shore, where so many people lost everything.

A Mississippi senator also voted against the bill, even though he had also requested additional money for hurricane damage in his own state.

I suggest that before voters in Maryland's 1st Congressional District re-elect Mr. Harris they ask just what bills he has introduced or co-sponsored and how he voted. Then we could see if he's worth the more than $120,000 for the 120-day job he holds, with all those great medical benefits he so anxiously wanted.

Lois Raimondi Munchel, Forest Hill

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