Amtrak needs help [Letter]

Your editorial "Amtrak's vulnerability" (May 13) was much needed. Those of us who regularly ride the rails between Baltimore and New York depend on rail service. Even Joe Biden, as a Senator, depended on the Northeast trains to Wilmington and voted to support the Northeast Corridor train service.

The trains are not passe; they are a present-day basic mode of inter-city transportation. On the Acela Express, it is easy to take a day trip from Baltimore to New York City, though it's pricey. Many people take the Northeast Regional. Amtrak was my only means of transportation to Baltimore during many years of living in New York. It is amazing that the rail infrastructure in our city has been allowed to deteriorate, indeed, to disintegrate.

We need Congressional action to support the continued safety of riding Amtrak.

Eileen Pollock, Baltimore

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