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Bring our troops home: There's nothing in Afghanistan worth fighting for

Max Obuszewski's letter expresses the general consensus of the American public against the overseas wars we are fighting ("America can't afford to wage endless war," Feb. 27). Yet there is now talk of extending the war in Afghanistan beyond 2014, and also starting another one in Iran. Does public opinion mean nothing to the warmongers?

It seems to me that the recent attacks by Afghan soldiers on American troops in Afghanistan would support the idea of our getting out of there sooner rather than later. The attacks appear to indicate strong local sentiment against our being there. So why would we think that extending the war would make the Afghans love us?

Now we're considering adding to this mess by attacking Iran — even though that would lead to higher gas prices and could morph into a conflict beyond our control.

An attack on Iran should be out of the question, but it has gotten traction because Israel is pushing for it. Why shouldn't Iran be allowed to have nuclear energy, even if eventually it is weaponized?

Even Israel agrees that it is highly unlikely Iran would attack the Jewish state or anyone else because such an attack would mean Iran's almost immediate destruction. So why are we even contemplating such a move?

Yes, let's cut the military budget, bring our war dollars home and fund our communities instead.

Doris Rausch, Columbia

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