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U.S. must not escalate in Iraq [Letter]

IraqBarack ObamaWars and Interventions

President Barack Obama's 300 advisers in Iraq will gather information for drone strikes against Sunni forces advancing on Baghdad ("Obama's Iraq mistake," June 21). Were this a rear guard action to facilitate withdrawal of U.S. troops, that would make sense. However, the troops are already gone

Attacking Iraq again will not contribute anything toward stabilizing Iraq. It will only forestall the inevitable internal struggles, recriminations and atrocities among Iraqi religious, sectional and political factions.

This is exactly what happened in Vietnam when the North Vietnamese took revenge on the South Vietnamese after U.S. troops had withdrawn. There is no way to stop such vengeance. It is bound to happen when a powerful invader withdraws from a country.

Frederick E. Knowles, Chestertown

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IraqBarack ObamaWars and Interventions
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