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Abortion protesters showed the public a truth it didn't want to see

In response to the article about the Defend Life protesters and their signs (""Law, order, free speech," March 25), I can't believe the reaction of the people who are "victims" of having to look at such horrible images. Did people say that about the images we saw during the Vietnam war? Didn't that help to bring the war to an end? What about images of the starving children and refugees in Africa and Haiti? How do you think the world is able to respond to those kinds of crisis if they don't see the truth? How do we keep from repeating the same kinds of atrocities if we don't look it in the face?

I think that is the point of the images. It is gruesome. I like how one person called them pictures of "children." Imagine that? And all this time I thought they were only blobs of tissue.

Janet Maisel, Sykesville

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