Pro-lifers aren't sanctimonious, just compassionate

A recent letter writer spoke of the "extreme sanctimony" of people who believe a pregnancy should not be terminated by choice ("Pro-life sanctimony," March 10).

His statement "please, can we call them what they really are?" — anti-abortionists — was dripping with sarcasm. The main point of the letter seemed to be that it is somehow the personal responsibility of members of the pro-life movement to develop programs that support children who otherwise would have been aborted.

But shouldn't personal responsibility start with the mother and father of the unborn child? If they didn't intend a pregnancy to result there are widely available ways to avoid that outcome.

Each of us makes choices about what to believe. For me it's simple, not sanctimonious. When I look at a sonogram, I see a child with arms, legs and a head growing inside its mother. To harm to a fellow human being, especially one so innocent, feels so very wrong. So yes, I am pro-life.

David C. Hill, Baltimore

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