City must tear down vacant homes

I read with sadness and anger about the rape of an innocent child in an abandoned row house on North Caroline Street ("Boarding vacants a constant challenge for city crews," Dec. 4). This would not have happened if the city did not simply board up vacant or abandoned homes but bulldozed them. If the "owner" abandons a home and does not continue to keep the home in viable condition, we need to rid Baltimore City of these properties.

I have lived in Baltimore for six years, and unfortunately, there's an abandoned home right next to mine in my nice neighborhood of East Lake. My neighbors and I have reported this home via 311 and gone directly to Councilman Bill Henry's office with our concerns.

To date, nothing has been done and we continue to have this blight within our community. Thankfully we have only had vagrants and wild animals take up residence.

Felicia Farace, Baltimore

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