Rome wasn't built in a day, but it beats an I-83 overpass [Letter]

The enlargement and improvement of the I-83 overpass at Middletown Road in Parkton has now been going on for well over a year to the delight of the numerous drivers trying to enter 83 or exit to go home, and those traveling to or from York. We are talking about an improvement job on a bridge with a span of maybe 300 feet over a freeway. Just recently, they were repaving the old span. There is hope.

In the year 55 B.C. Caesar decided to show the warmongering German tribes that he could indeed cross the broad, swift and deep river Rein at will. He ordered his Army Engineers to build a bridge approximately 900 feet long and 30 feet wide. By the use of abundant manpower and improvised pile-drivers (but no power tools, trucks, heavy machinery, hydraulic cranes, etc.) he had all the timber ready for construction in 10 days, and he crossed his bridge with 5,000 cavalry and 40,000 foot soldiers, plus impedimenta, cattle and food after 10 days of construction.

Hail, Caesar!

Bruno Lepori, White Hall

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