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Disappointing PBS documentary on the War of 1812

Mass MediaFort McHenryDocumentary (genre)PBS (tv network)Francis Scott Key

The Public Broadcasting Service recently presented a two-hour documentary on the War of 1812, the so-called "forgotten war." Well, they forgot to include the Battle of North Point, one of the few land battles the Americans won against the British.

While the show went into great detail describing American failures under inept generals, it ignored Gen. Sam Smith and the few Army regulars, militiamen and ordinary citizens under his command who prevented the British from capturing Baltimore and laying siege to Fort McHenry from the land side.

The show noted that Fort McHenry held out, the British fleet withdrew, and Francis Scott Key wrote the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner." But it made no mention of the land battle where Baltimoreans defended their city and even killed the British commander.

What a disappointment this program was. I hope the people at Maryland Public Television didn't sign off on it.

Martin K. Van Horn, Towson

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Mass MediaFort McHenryDocumentary (genre)PBS (tv network)Francis Scott Key
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