BGE has been slow to trim trees in good weather

It's easy for me to give BGE the benefit of the doubt as they work to restore electricity to 230,000 Baltimore area residents still without power — unlike most of my neighbors, I never lost electricity during the storm ("Feeling powerless," Aug. 30). However, based on our experience attempting to discuss tree pruning with BGE over the past several years, I think BGE avoids doing preventive work that could reduce the number of people who lose power in storms.

Our neighborhood has overhead power lines running down the back property line, and there are many old oak trees with large limbs lying on or just above the BGE wires. Some of these trees are in poor shape and are highly likely to come down on power lines in a storm like Irene. Year after year, we call to discuss these trees with BGE, and year after year they come and look and do nothing. One BGE tree contractor even told me, off the record, that it's easier for them to wait for these trees and branches to come down than to bring equipment in to do pruning. If they would invest a little in tree maintenance over wires during the good weather, I have no doubt they would look better in the eyes of their customers during a crisis like this one.

Caroline Foty, Baltimore

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