Democrats are taxing Maryland's poor

In his commentary ("GOP: Tax the poor, protect the rich" Aug. 21), Dan Rodricks indicates that Republicans are saying that it may be time to tax the poor. We are already taxing the poor in Maryland. The state sales tax was raised, and the tax on beer was raised. These are taxes that are paid by everyone, but they hurt the poor more than the wealthy people. Gov. O'Malley now wants to raise the gas tax, and that again will hurt the poor the most.

The Democrats control the Maryland House and Senate. The governor is a Democrat. So, the Democrats totally control Maryland and can do whatever they want to do. Why is it that new taxes always hit the poor, while the wealthiest in Maryland do not get taxed at higher rates as Mr. Rodricks thinks they should? I suspect some of the wealthy Democrats have decided that they want to keep their money.

Stanley J. Glinka, Ellicott City

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