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Hippodrome: magnificent shows but theater management needs to communicate with local audience

I'm sorry the Hippodrome Theatre is failing to draw crowds ( "Hippodrome Finances get a rewrite," Aug 5). I've been to several shows, enjoyed them and thought the venue magnificent. So why is the audience in decline? One reason is the inability of the Hippodrome Theatre and Broadway Across America to communicate.

For eight years I've published a neighborhood calendar, and I enjoy helping local organizations get the word out. This is a community service, as I believe Baltimore has a serious communication problem. As a property owner and taxpayer, seeing a great venture like the Hippodrome fail would be sad. But my offers to post their information on my neighborhood calendar or to help distribute fliers have consistently been ignored. I fail to understand why major downtown tourist attractions like the Hippodrome don't try to do more to reach folks who actually live in their area.

By the way, you forgot to mention the Everyman Theatre is relocating to 315 West Fayette Street, not far from the Hippodrome. This might be the beginnings of a great performance community, but they both must learn how to communicate to their local audience if this is to become a reality.

Rosalind Ellis Heid, Baltimore

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