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Thank you, Andy Harris, for voting your principles

Letter writer William Ermatinger of Parkton ("In deficit morass, voters have themselves to blame," Aug 2) singled out "very conservative" Rep. Andy Harris in performing as his electorate would have in voting no on the debt ceiling legislation. I assume you are against Mr. Harris because he didn't compromise on his principle for a cut in actual spending and not only a reduction in the amount by which spending will be increased, as evidenced by his no vote on the debt ceiling legislation. If the no vote is evidence of unwilling compromisers, why didn't you identify the very liberal Democrats from the 3rd, 4th and 5th Congressional Districts who also voted no?

Their no vote was because the legislation did not include new taxes. But it was still a no vote. Non-compromisers! Did these representatives not perform as they had represented themselves to their electorate? I assume the enlightened voters in the 3rd, 4th and 5th Congressional Districts elected them to perform as they have. It's just us unenlightened voters in the 1st Congressional District that had the audacity to not elect a middle-of-the-road congressman preferred by non-1st Congressional District residents.

I got what I wished for, a not a middle-of-the-road congressman. Thank you, Rep. Harris, for voting your principles over your party's desire to compromise on a "deal."

Glenn Cunningham, Nottingham

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