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Baltimore: A nice place to drive through, but you wouldn't want to live there

Grand Prix of Baltimore

I'm glad that Indy driver Scott Dixon likes the race course that we built for him. ("Dixon takes wheel," Aug. 3). I hope he and his companions have a nice race and that lots of out of town fans spend lots of dollars. Baltimore will get on TV.

After the Baltimore Grand Prix, Mr. Dixon and the TV crews will fly off to their next race. The spectators will leave. Maybe they will come back in a year.

Unfortunately, I'm just a Baltimorean, and I will still be here, walking our downtown streets. I doubt I will ever see any of those tourists' dollars, but I will see the stumps of the formerly healthy trees that were destroyed to make way for the race course. I will feel the extra heat in summer and the extra wind in winter and will see concrete where I once saw green. I will mourn those trees every day and my city will be uglier and less livable.

Perhaps we should adopt a new city motto: "Baltimore, a nice place to drive through, but you wouldn't want to live there."

Mac Nachlas, Baltimore

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Grand Prix of Baltimore
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