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Deport providers of fake immigration documents


As I understand the article "Eight indicted on charges of selling fake documents" (Aug 3), nine individuals of whom only eight are identified have been accused of an illegal activity with a gross profit of $1.6 million. The eight known individuals are not in the U.S. legally. Six have consented to immigration detention.

Surely they also filed false or no tax returns on this enterprise.

I am far less interested and indeed think it a waste of taxpayer money to send these men to American prisons. If they are found guilty, I think they should have to pay every penny they earned illegally plus fines to the IRS and state of Maryland. Then they should be deported and fingerprinted, etc., to prevent their return to even such nonviolent criminal activity. Putting them in jail just costs money better used for other more positive goals.

Natalie Dandekar, Havre de Grace

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