Phelps will prevail in London Olympics

With the Shanghai Championships behind him ("Wait for London, Phelps Declares" Aug. 1), Michael Phelps and his coach, Bob Bowman, have a year to get our Baltimore Olympic star back on top. Mr. Phelps thrives on competition, and a few defeats only inspire him to become faster and stronger. Besides, every time Ryan Lochte handed Mr. Phelps a narrow defeat last week, it was after Mr. Lochte had a day of rest, while Mr. Phelps was competing in race after race as he always does. Until Mr. Lochte competes in as many races as Mr. Phelps, a few wins on his part will never outshine Baltimore's eight gold medal Olympic winner. If you think Mr. Phelps is finished, you greatly underestimate him. Bring on the 2012 games!

Ann Roberts, Lutherville

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