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NFL plays fans like a cheap fiddle

FootballNFL2011 NFL Lockout

Once again, the loyal fans of a major sport (professional football) get played like a cheap fiddle. ("NFL lockout ends "July 26.) To exacerbate the situation, both sides talk about how they owe it to their fans to get back on the field. (What they really mean to say is that their greedy desires have been satiated by a contract that lines the pockets of both owners and players.)

We have already been robbed of a tradition — preseason training at McDaniel College in Westminster. Not only has the economy there been put in a bind, but the fans who cannot afford PSLs are deprived an up-front and personal look at their favorite Ravens. Do you think that the owners and players really give a fig about the plight of shop keepers and fans who make the annual pilgrimage to Westminster?

As I see it, once owners or players gain monetary and material riches, the greed to acquire more becomes exponential.

Don't believe for a second that the owners or players have the fans' interests foremost. Spokespeople on both sides say that rubbish in an attempt to placate the fans, to keep them coming back.

If you are inclined to believe that your interests are of primary concern to owners and players, then I have some shorefront property I want to sell you in Omaha.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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FootballNFL2011 NFL Lockout
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