Unemployment picture not that rosy

The release of the May jobs report by the Labor Department on Friday showed that only 54,000 jobs had been added last month, down from 232,000 in April, and that unemployment had risen from 9 percent to 9.1 percent. In stark contrast to these numbers, your article "Turnover at the workplace is on the rise" (June 4) paints a rosy picture of the currently employed cheerfully choosing between the plentiful opportunities offered on CareerBuilder.com.

Is this the type of news and analysis we readers can now expect from The Baltimore Sun? The article offered no mention of recent employment trends, citing only an uptick in job turnover from February 2011 against February 2010 numbers. The economy is mired in what is looking more and more like a double-dip recession, and the employment numbers are now trending the wrong direction. Based on recent job gains (in 2011) we cannot expect to return to full employment for another 10 years. While I am glad a white collar job was added in Baltimore, let us not forget the millions who remain unemployed through no fault of their own as our nation slogs through these tough times.

Alex Bruns ,Baltimore

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