Rep. Charles T. Canady of Florida, a Republican Judiciary Committee member who will help present the impeachment case to the Senate, did not foresee a long process.

"I believe it's important for a trial to be handled as expeditiously as possible. This is a relatively simple case," he said. "I would expect the trial would not take an extraordinarily long time -- more days or weeks than months."

Before a trial is convened or a deal is cut, Clinton will come under withering pressure to leave office voluntarily.

House Republicans before today's vote repeatedly exhorted colleagues to vote for impeachment if they believed Clinton should stand trial, even if they do not believe he should be removed from office.

"All you have to believe is that there is clear and convincing evidence that one of the articles is true, and send it to the Senate for trial," proclaimed Judiciary Committee Republican Bill McCollum of Florida.

But as Democrats predicted, Republican leaders have begun calling for Clinton to step down and using Livingston's example to drive their point home.

"There is no greater American, at least today, than Bob Livingston," said a tearful Tom DeLay, the House's third-ranking Republican, "because he understood what this debate was about. It was about honor and decency and integrity and the truth."

After the vote, the House Republicans who will prosecute the impeachment charges once again exhorted Clinton to resign.

Two Democrats, Reps. William O. Lipinski of Illinois and Louise M. Slaughter of New York, have publicly said the president should at least consider resignation.

But nearly all House Democrats emerged from an early morning meeting with Hillary Rodham Clinton steeled to resist.

"He must not resign. He cannot resign," declared House Democratic leader Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri.

Declared Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, one of the president's early Democratic critics: "Wake up, America. Realize what's happening here. This is about the basic right of the people to choose their government."