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Readers Respond

  • O's fans mistreated by MTA

    O's fans mistreated by MTA

    The Maryland Transit Administration advertises light rail service for one hour after the end of Orioles games. This did not happen on Sunday, June 28. The game was over at 10 p.m., and there was no southbound train until a complaint was made and a train came at midnight.

  • Red Line's demise was not personal

    Red Line's demise was not personal

    A recent column by Dan Rodricks made it look like Gov. Larry Hogan is feuding with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake over the Red Line ("Hogan, Rawlings-Blake blow opportunity born in unrest," June 28).

  • Reimer had grit

    Reimer had grit

    I first met Susan Reimer when she was a young sports reporter given post-game access to the Baltimore Colts locker room well before it occurred to anyone to give robes to the players for those interviews ("Susan Reimer signs off," June 25).


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  • Why we must fight economic apartheid in America

    Why we must fight economic apartheid in America

    Almost lost in the wave of responses to the Supreme Court decisions last week upholding the Affordable Care Act and allowing gays and lesbians to marry was the significance of the court's decision on housing discrimination.

  • Immigrant soldiers won the U.S. Civil War

    Immigrant soldiers won the U.S. Civil War

    In the summer of 1861, an American diplomat in Turin, Italy, looked out the window of the U.S. legation to see hundreds of young men forming a sprawling line. Some wore red shirts, emblematic of the Garibaldini known for pointing one finger in the air and shouting l'Italia Unità! (Italy United!)....

  • Baltimore's homeless: out of sight, out of mind?

    Baltimore's homeless: out of sight, out of mind?

    On a recent morning, the city of Baltimore once again tried to shut the poor out of our minds and drive them from the mainstream of our society — in this case, from the verge of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, where homeless folks were taking refuge from the elements and finding comfort in a...

  • Life lessons in 'Inside Out'

    Life lessons in 'Inside Out'

    My eight-year-old daughter, Anne, and I had a wonderful time viewing the new Disney/Pixar film "Inside Out." As many parents of a young children know by now, the film tells the story of Riley Andersen, a girl who moves from Minnesota to San Francisco and must cope with the transition to a new home,...

  • Reinventing Baltimore's schools

    Reinventing Baltimore's schools

    In 2000, Don Hutchinson, then president of the Greater Baltimore Committee, was part of a group of Baltimore's business leaders asked to review and critique the city school system's master plan, an annually updated document.


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  • Better care for less

    Better care for less

    Any conversation about Maryland's new waiver to Medicare's reimbursement rules can quickly devolve into mind-numbing complexity. But Gary L. Attman, the CEO of FutureCare, can sum up its effect quite simply. He was recently headed to a meeting with a hospital president but arrived late because...

  • Black churches burning

    Black churches burning

    In the week following the murderous rampage in which nine black parishioners were shot and killed at a church in Charleston, S.C., a series of mysterious fires at African-American churches across the South has revived the specter of racist violence against a core institution of the black community....

  • Clean air gets scrubbed

    Clean air gets scrubbed

    What is the value of being able to eat fish? What price should be put on birth defects that show up in a human fetus? What about the cost of people dying much earlier than they should have if not for an encounter with a toxic chemical?

  • Supreme Court sides with the people, not the politicians

    Supreme Court sides with the people, not the politicians

    Today the Supreme Court reinforced the principle that the voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around, in upholding an Arizona law that puts the task of drawing congressional district boundaries in the hands of an independent commission rather than the legislature. Maryland,...

  • Crunch time for Iran talks

    Crunch time for Iran talks

    Heading into the final stretch of talks over Iran's disputed nuclear program, Secretary of State John Kerry will likely arrive in Vienna over the weekend cautiously hopeful that the U.S. and its allies could reach a final deal with Iran before their self-imposed deadline of June 30. Mr. Kerry has...

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  • Baltimore is no toilet

    Baltimore is no toilet

    I have been disturbed since reading Tom Black's letter ("Baltimore lacks leadership," June 20). Like everyone who writes letters to the editor, Mr. Black has a right to his opinions about the recent unrest in Baltimore, the leadership of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Anthony...

  • Red Line was fatally flawed

    Red Line was fatally flawed

    Gov. Larry Hogan's decision to end further spending on the proposed Red Line does not deserve the thoughtless condemnation it received from The Sun ("Hogan goes off the tracks," June 26). The Red Line as planned was, indeed, the wasteful boondoggle described by the governor. But it didn't have...

  • The how-to of police reform

    The how-to of police reform

    Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batt's commentary in The Baltimore Sun was a good one but, if I may, I would like to point out some things that were not mentioned ("Baltimore police commissioner: There is a cost to reform," June 19). The department attracts too many who have nothing but contempt...

  • Conservatives are the terrorists

    Conservatives are the terrorists

    When are we Americans going to face facts? The real danger from terrorists comes not from Muslims overseas, it comes from conservatives here in the United States ("Charleston church killer was spawned in a racist swamp," June 23). Since the 9/11 terror attack, there have been 19 terror attacks...

  • Lee was a traitor, not a hero

    Lee was a traitor, not a hero

    Concluding that crimes such as the racial incident in Charleston have "nothing to do with Robert E. Lee" and other important public images, is very short-sighted indeed ("Don't besmirch Lee's name," June 25). Symbols are very powerful tools used by all countries including our own to motivate people...

  • Schaller wrong about South Carolina

    Schaller wrong about South Carolina

    Thanks to Thomas F. Schaller for the Professor Howard Zinn version of history on the tragedy in Charleston, S.C. ("South Carolina's racist history," June 24).

  • Sexism in science

    Sexism in science

    Regarding commentator Jonathan David Farley's recent opinion piece "Tim Hunt's Witch Hunt" (June 23), Mr. Hunt is a Nobel Prize winner in physiology who recently gave a talk at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea.