Billionaire donors Laura and John Arnold support far more in Maryland than police surveillance

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Sun ignored Clinton's 'alt-right' speech

It is ironic that The Sun carried two more letters from writers accusing the newspaper of liberal bias, but not one word about Hillary Clinton's important speech in Reno laying out in great detail the racist nature of Donald Trump's campaign ("Clinton takes aim at Trump's ties to 'alt-right' world...

  • O's reacted generously after rain delay

    O's reacted generously after rain delay

    In response to letter writer Paul Marx's complaint about the rain delay at Orioles Park, the team made offers to their fans that were commendable ("The rain delay from hell," Aug. 25). First, they allowed attendees to exit and then return if they wished. Then they offered to exchange fans' tickets...

  • Caret doesn't merit bonus

    Caret doesn't merit bonus

    Chancellor Robert Caret seems to be doing most of his job, give or take a few missed budget hearings ("UM eliminates chancellor bonuses," Aug. 26). But why does this merit bonuses and perks? He seems to be doing the job for which he was hired. Meanwhile, the core of the university, students and...

  • Killing the golden Under Armour?

    Killing the golden Under Armour?

    How much longer will the city government and psuedo city agencies as well as a few self-serving community groups keep nickel and diming Kevin Plank and Under Armour before he changes his mind and pulls out of Baltimore ("Advocates, council members demand affordable housing requirement at Port Covington,"...


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  • Public defender: Baltimore's secret surveillance images could have exonerated innocent citizens

    Public defender: Baltimore's secret surveillance images could have exonerated innocent citizens

    As a public defender in Baltimore reading the Department of Justice's Aug. 10th report finding that the Baltimore City Police Department engaged in a pattern and practice of violating constitutional rights, I felt a glimmer of hope. Maybe the BPD would finally be forced into better practices. Maybe...

  • Think bigger than Port Covington

    Think bigger than Port Covington

    Kevin Plank is not lying. The CEO of Under Armour wants to invest $4.4 billion in Port Covington, but says he needs $1.2 billion in city, state and federal subsidies ("public investments") for this to make sense. This is God's truth. The problem is the potent investment repellent that is Baltimore's...

  • Baltimore solicitor was too good for unjustified firing

    Baltimore solicitor was too good for unjustified firing

    Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake fired City Solicitor George A. Nilson on Aug. 19. The mayor did not discuss the termination with Mr. Nilson. Nor did she explain her actions to the public. In a stunning show of cowardice, she delegated that messy business to a subordinate. Thus ended —...

  • Seeing Baltimore through a plastic lens

    Seeing Baltimore through a plastic lens

    I am the Daguerre of the Disposable, the Taber of the Throwaway. For the past 25 years, probably longer, I have documented Crabtown and those who dwell here with cheap cameras, the kind once plentiful at drug stores and gas stations before the rise of the smart phone. Of his life's work, the American...

  • Abolishing 'man' at Princeton

    Abolishing 'man' at Princeton

    "He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them "Mankind" when they were created. (Genesis 5:2 NIV) Poor God. He, or maybe I should say, "It," was so behind the times. If the deity had only gone to Princeton University and had its consciousness raised... Princeton, that once...


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  • Greening North Avenue

    Greening North Avenue

    North Avenue was once a lovely tree-lined boulevard that marked the northern limit of Baltimore City. Yet the passage of time has not been kind to the historic thoroughfare, which has long needed an upgrade. That's why we welcome the announcement that the U.S. Transportation Department will help...

  • Sweat-free schooling?

    Sweat-free schooling?

    On Friday at 11 a.m., Dulaney High School economics teacher Phil Bressler conducted his advanced placement classes by webinar. His 60 or so students were fortunate to have the option of receiving instruction via computer at home. Hundreds of other students weren't so lucky — school was closed because...

  • Overwhelmed public defenders

    Overwhelmed public defenders

    In the justice system, criminal defendants are entitled to be represented by a lawyer, and if they can't afford to hire an attorney the government must provide one. That is an enduring principle of American jurisprudence, but increasingly it's one that states find hard to live up to. In Maryland,...

  • BPD's spy in the sky

    BPD's spy in the sky

    The Baltimore Police Department should immediately suspend a trial aerial surveillance program it has been conducting in secret since January until the community receives an explanation of its parameters and privacy protections, and a public discussion can be held about its possible merits and...

  • A costly shot

    A costly shot

    For the millions of Americans with serious allergies, the EpiPen Auto-Injector isn't an optional piece of equipment. It can provide an emergency shot of epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, that can spell the difference between life or death for someone facing a potentially dangerous allergic...

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  • Prisoners of Kent Island

    Prisoners of Kent Island

    I've lived in northern Queen Anne's County for over 40 years, owned a local business and volunteered for various organizations. During that time, I ashamedly admit to turning a deaf ear to the increasing complaints about the growth of traffic congestion on Kent Island and its impact on the lives...

  • Grateful thanks to the Maryland 400

    Grateful thanks to the Maryland 400

    A letter of thanks is in order to the good state of Maryland and its residents for your courageous and noble services rendered to my fair state (then the British province) of New York 240 years ago. For those Marylanders (and New Yorkers and Americans) who do not know, our great United States would...

  • Talk of a 'wall' was just lies and nonsense

    Talk of a 'wall' was just lies and nonsense

    Suddenly, Donald Trump says he's not going to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico after all ("Trump's immigration plan: Deport 'bad ones,' treat 'the rest' like Obama does," Aug. 23). And he's not going for mass deportations either. Are all the hard-core Trump supporters still feeling the...

  • Snowden deserves whistle-blower treatment

    Snowden deserves whistle-blower treatment

    As I read Ian Duncan's review of the National Security Agency's role as a business-friendly breach mender, it made me grimace ("Suspected leak shines spotlight on the NSA's conflicting missions," Aug. 21). The NSA hardly deserves to be cast as a tired uncle who comes to the rescue of conglomerates...

  • Septic technology rule served no purpose

    Septic technology rule served no purpose

    Bravo to Gov. Larry Hogan for rolling back the requirement that homeowners use the best available technology septic systems even though they're living nowhere near the state's environmentally critical areas ("Gov. Hogan will roll back O'Malley-era septic rule, demands repeal of "road kill bill,"...

  • Hogan's short-sighted decision on septics

    Hogan's short-sighted decision on septics

    Regarding Gov. Larry Hogan's decision to no longer require many homeowners to use best available technology septic systems, not using such systems may save some money in the short run but it will be far costlier over the long run ("Gov. Hogan will roll back O'Malley-era septic rule, demands repeal...

  • Trump would be a disaster as president

    Trump would be a disaster as president

    Letter writer Mike Duvall says that he "has no idea what a Trump presidency would look like" ("We can't afford a President Clinton," Aug. 18). Allow me to attempt to enlighten him. If anyone else were to apply for what is arguably the most important job in the world based on the credentials and...