Why not pay Central American parents to keep their kids at home? [Letter]

As a taxpayer, I have grown tired of politicians spending my money with no accountability. They pass spending bills without knowing how the money will be spent,...

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Proposed Dominion LNG plant threatens Lusby community [Letter]

Proposed Dominion LNG plant threatens Lusby community [Letter]

Last week there was a gas leak on Solomon's Island. The authorities didn't shut down the island and evacuate residents because it was believed driving by the leak could be more harmful that staying put.

Riots, not demonstrations [Letter]

Riots, not demonstrations [Letter]

Here's a question: Why do reporters continue to call what is happening in Ferguson, Mo., a demonstration?

Carbon fees are our payback to ourselves [Letter]

Carbon fees are our payback to ourselves [Letter]

Regarding Bob Bruninga's recent letter, "Carbon fees are a payback to Mother Nature (Aug. 19), carbon fees can also be payback to us, which would make them much more realistic...

Well-trained teachers are an asset to city [Letter]

Well-trained teachers are an asset to city [Letter]

Many thanks to reporter Liz Bowie

VA saved my dad's sight [Letter]

I've been wanting to write a thank-you note to the Veterans Health Administration. My father is a veteran and has macular degeneration he has been treated at the VA for over five years. Without all the care, he would be blind by now. So my blue-eyed dad still can drive and take care of his lawn...

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Hogan/Rutherford offer best hope for Md. jobs [Letter]

The news about Maryland's rather disastrous economy is not at all surprising ("Maryland sees one of nation's largest job declines in July," Aug. 18).

Ferguson shooting does not justify criminal behavior [Letter]

What is happening now in Ferguson is just unnecessary ("Baltimore demonstrators to protest again for Ferguson," Aug. 20). Rioting and looting is not a response to the...

A cheaper alternative for developing new teachers [Letter]

I read with great interest your article, "Residency program tries to solve problem of teacher burnout" (Aug. 18) about the Baltimore-based Urban Teacher Center developed by...

It's time for the Clintons and the Bushes to step aside [Letter]

Jonathan Strum's commentary on Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects resonated deeply with me ("Dynasty or democracy?" Aug. 18).

Why we'll never cheer Ray Rice again [Letter]

We hereby call upon the editor of The Sun op-ed page to suspend Susan Reimer

Penmanship is a basic skill students still need to master [Letter]

My oh my, schools have cut out handwriting. What do they think they are doing? How are children going to sign their name?

Another round of city incompetence before 26th Street collapse [Letter]

Like most Marylanders and American taxpayers, I have grown tired of government workers never being held accountable for the job they are hired to do. Who were the city engineer and city official who decided to park tons of cars on the side of a street that was supported by a 100-plus-year-old...


Ferguson officer's legal defense fund [Poll]

As of early afternoon Friday, nearly $230,000 had been raised online from 5,756 donors -- including $1,070 from the Anne Arundel County police union -- for Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed, African American teen Michael Brown, sparking days of protest and unrest. Should the local union have contributed?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure