World War II vets still 'the greatest' [Letter]

Recently a friend and I had a stopover at Philadelphia International Airport, and as we walked toward our terminal gate we saw a commotion ahead with American...

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Ravens are poor managers [Letter]

Ravens are poor managers [Letter]

It seems to me that the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens' staff are severely lacking in management skills ("Ravens executives...

Boycott the NFL [Letter]

Boycott the NFL [Letter]

Women have a duty to combat the domestic violence in the NFL by refusing to buy the products of any football advertiser ("Domestic violence deserves attention year round," Sept. 12)....

War will not end violence [Letter]

War will not end violence [Letter]

I am saddened that President Barack Obama, who rode to election promising to end wars, has once again essentially called on us to go to war ("ISIS is not invincible," Sept. 9). I am also...

War is still not the answer [Letter]

War is still not the answer [Letter]

On Sept. 11, 2001, I was one of the organizers at the American Friends Service Committee who set up a vigil that evening to say that war is not the answer. The following month prior to the Bush administration's invasion of Afghanistan, we organized protests. Then we tried to stop the worst foreign...

Ravens, NFL overreacted to Ray Rice video [Letter]

Ravens, NFL overreacted to Ray Rice video [Letter]

In the matter of Ray Rice, it seems like every spokesperson for the Ravens organization has lost their ability to think logically and analytically about what just happened.

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Rice gets railroaded, dehumanized [Letter]

What I saw in the Ray and Janay Rice elevator tape was a man who was intoxicated and whose judgment was impaired ("NFL investigation into Ray Rice...

Too much information about Ray Rice — and not enough about everything else [Letter]

Where was your 9/11 coverage? I'm sick of hearing about the Ray Rice video. What did people think he was doing in that elevator, knitting doilies?

O, say can you sing? [Letter]

Baltimore is rightfully celebrating its role in the War of 1812 and the creation of our national anthem ("Our flag was still there, Sept. 6). Seemingly, dozens of large events are planned. But in how many...

Ray Rice is a victim of double jeopardy [Letter]

This Ray Rice incident has been a debacle. NFL management denies seeing the film of Mr. Rice striking his now wife in the elevator. Yet receipt of the video was apparently confirmed by an NFL employee.

NFL needs to get smarter about domestic violence [Letter]

I couldn't agree with Susan Reimer more this time ("Janay Rice stands by her man," Sept. 10).

Obama's cynical ISIS speech [Letter]

President Barack Obama's speech about ISIS and the reaction to it have shown me how rotten politics are today ("Obama pursues Islamic State," Sept. 11).

Radical Islam a formidable foe [Letter]

While ISIS is not invincible, even if temporarily defeated, it will morph into a new terror group similar to the off-shoots of al-Qaida ("ISIS is not invincible," Sept. 9). Unfortunately,...

NFL needs to do more about violence — domestic and otherwise [Letter]

Ravens running back Ray Rice was recently suspended indefinitely from the National Football League for his savage beating of his wife. If the NFL is serious about addressing violence — domestic and otherwise — they need to adopt a system that detects those players likely to be violent...


The pregnancy defense [Poll]

The Baltimore officer who slit a pet shar-pei's throat claims he did it so the animal's body could be tested for rabies, easing the mind of a pregnant woman bitten by the dog. Do you believe him?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure