Most people who kill themselves do so from a place of great pain, hopelessness, self-worthlessness and despair. But suicide is best explained not with reference...

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Write in Heather Mizeur for governor [Letter]

Write in Heather Mizeur for governor [Letter]

Has there ever been more mud-slinging than in this year's Maryland governor's race? It has made me sick enough to agonize over how I can vote. I've decided to take the write-in option. I never do that, but I feel driven to it this time. I am going to write in the name Heather Mizeur. I recall how...

Eric Holder's lucky he didn't go to jail [Letter]

Eric Holder's lucky he didn't go to jail [Letter]

Finally! With Eric Holder's resignation, thus ends the embarrassing reign of the nation's top attorney ("The Holder legacy," Sept. 28).

O'Malley's silence on LNG export is disgraceful [Letter]

O'Malley's silence on LNG export is disgraceful [Letter]

Reginald V. Truitt was a zoologist at the University of Maryland and a pioneer in scientific studies to better understand and protect the precious resources of the Chesapeake Bay. In 1925, Truitt founded the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in Solomons, which became the foundation for what is now...

Orioles fans disrespect the anthem [Letter]

Orioles fans disrespect the anthem [Letter]

The people who yell "O" at sporting events dishonor the flag and the National Anthem. They also make Baltimore people look like real jerks. I figured it out why they say "O" so loud and proud. It's the only word they know in the anthem. I guess they are also not bright enough to realize there is...

Condoms are reliable — when used [Letter]

Condoms are reliable — when used [Letter]

In Susan Reimer's generally excellent column, "The end of marriage" (Sept. 24), she makes the following statement about birth...

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Jack Young hijacked process to select a new City Council member [Letter]

I pass no judgment on the committee members charged with picking a nominee for the vacancy in the City Council's 11th District. I do not know their situations or any pressures they may have been under. In my heart of hearts, I feel nearly all of them agreed to serve on the committee because they...

High Holidays finances [Letter]

Reporter Jonathan Pitts' article "New heights for High Holidays" (Sept. 24), lacked something quite basic, which is that synagogues...

The glory of reading [Letter]

I really appreciated Lynne Agress' article on reading and agree with her regarding the importance of reading in our children's lives ("The gift of reading: give it to your kids," Sept. 22).

No evidence that cameras on cops are effective [Letter]

Regarding your editorial "Cops and cameras" (Sept. 24), in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., many city councils and police departments across the...

A disrespectful presidential salute [Letter]

Once again, the American military has been insulted by a commander-in-chief who has no military experience.

A great tribute to Vivienne Shub [Letter]

I want to thank The Baltimore Sun and Jacques Kelly for that wonderful obituary for my sister Vivienne Shub (Sept. 18). No one was closer to...

Ill-considered thoughts on suicide [Letter]

The recent commentary regarding suicide ("Explaining the inexplicable: suicide," Sept. 23) implies that Jean-Paul Sartre was influenced by Adolf Meyer's ideas ("Sartre saw in Meyer's...

Ravens have fumbled badly [Letter]

Thank you, thank you, thank you for finally putting out a worthy and truthful account of the Ray Rice issue and its handling by the Ravens ("The Ravens' story shifts," Sept. 23)! I am a...


Should convicted cops get to clear their records? [Poll]

Should a now-retired Prince George's County police officer, who was convicted of assaulting a University of Maryland student in 2010, be allowed to have his record expunged if he keeps out of trouble?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure