Police: Armed teenagers driving robbery spike in Baltimore

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Body donation is 'greatest good'

Burying bodies, with or without embalming and caskets, is not the most "gracious and grateful way" of giving our bodies back to the world ("Natural burials: the ultimate recycling," Sept. 23) as Liza Field claims in her recent commentary. I have decided to donate my body to the Maryland State Anatomy...

  • What about murders?

    What about murders?

    In the past several days, The Sun has published numerous articles on alleged police misconduct. These stories seem take up the majority of the leading headlines. However, there was just one line in an article on a Baltimore killing involving a chef stating that there had been 37 murders in just...

  • Sun's liberal agenda showing

    Sun's liberal agenda showing

    Very interesting to note that the recent article regarding Del. Daniel Morhaim's ethics investigation does mention his political affiliation until the 10th paragraph ("Morhaim facing ethics inquiry for role in medical marijuana industry," Sept. 22). Much earlier in the story, he is described as...

  • Why blacks feel targeted by police

    Regarding John Schlaffer's recent letter, any "analysis" of police killings will of course show that in absolute numbers, more white people are killed in police shootings than black people ("Police shoot whites, too," Sept. 23). That's because whites comprise roughly five times the share of the...


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  • Does Trump know business?

    Does Trump know business?

    Everyone is asking whether Donald Trump would make a good president. Despite the collective interest in this question, the election has raised another equally critical question — and one that probably matters a great deal more to Mr. Trump himself (what with his illustrious career and oft-noted...

  • The role of faith and service in criminal justice reform

    The role of faith and service in criminal justice reform

    Advocates for criminal justice reform now count among their ranks a very diverse group of leaders. Decision-makers from the political left, right, and center agree we need to revisit a host of issues that continue to trouble the criminal justice system. These include dramatic increases in drug...

  • Hopkins faculty disavow 'troubling' report on gender and sexuality

    Hopkins faculty disavow 'troubling' report on gender and sexuality

    Respect is the cornerstone of university life: respect for speech and a diversity of views; respect for students, colleagues and patients; and respect for science, which is our lifeblood as an institution. As faculty at Johns Hopkins, a major educational, research and health institution, we are...

  • Time for Congress to stop hollering at CEOs and take action

    Time for Congress to stop hollering at CEOs and take action

    Last week, Congress engaged in a bipartisan barrage of CEO bashing. The Senate Banking Committee assailed Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf for pushing employees to create as many as 2 million bogus bank and credit card accounts without customer consent -- making customers pay overdraft and late fees...

  • Trump's financial holdings should disqualify him from the presidency

    Trump's financial holdings should disqualify him from the presidency

    Many times during the current presidential campaign, charges have been flung back and forth by the major nominees that the other candidate is "disqualified." In most cases, this means that one candidate simply doesn't like the other's views or personality. But a report last month detailing the...


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  • Syria's failed cease fire

    Syria's failed cease fire

    What is happening in Syria is heartbreaking. The short-lived cease fire brokered by the U.S. and Russia two weeks ago collapsed ignominiously before it was even fully implemented. Meanwhile, Russian and Syrian government aircraft are back in the skies dropping incendiary weapons and bunker-busting...

  • Clinton's trade problem

    Clinton's trade problem

    Had the first presidential debate been a boxing match, Hillary Clinton would not only have been comfortably ahead on the judges' score cards, she'd have been awarded a technical knockout if the referee had noticed her opponent's labored arguments by the final round. But before her supporters get...

  • Trump's 'stop-and-frisk' fallacy

    Trump's 'stop-and-frisk' fallacy

    "We need law and order," Donald Trump said when asked during Monday night's presidential debate about how to improve race relations in this country. What he meant by that was that police should engage vigorously in tactics like "stop-and-frisk" searches in which officers pat down people on the...

  • The heat is on

    The heat is on

    This past summer was the hottest in recorded history and possibly in thousands of years. But the sweltering streak really extends much longer, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, with record land and sea surface temperatures for 16 straight months, which represents...

  • The genius of Joyce Scott

    The genius of Joyce Scott

    We're a long way from the culture wars of the 1990s, when radically new strategies and styles of artmaking bumped up uncomfortably against long-established notions of who artists are and what art is. Baltimore-born sculptor, quilter and performance artist Joyce Scott was in the thick of those fights...

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  • The Sun's selective concern for minority rights

    The Sun's selective concern for minority rights

    I find your recent approach to the defense of our constitutional rights curiously inconsistent and a bit ironic ("Gun owners, the vocal minority," Sept. 24). Your editorial claims that we are being bullied by a mere 25 percent of the population who own guns and that this "vocal minority" should...

  • Baltimore — pave it to save it

    Baltimore — pave it to save it

    In response to Colin Campbell's most recent article on road construction in Baltimore ("Downtown road work, detours galore driving commuters crazy," Sept. 24), I can only echo and amplify his sentiments that it is nearly an untenable proposition to drive from place to place in Baltimore in a timely,...

  • Republicans, not Obama, were responsible for Trump's rise

    Republicans, not Obama, were responsible for Trump's rise

    Commentator Jonah Goldberg claims that President Obama is partially to blame for the rise of Donald Trump as a political force ("Obama's trolling helped give rise to Trump," Sept. 23). Mr. Goldberg says the president intentionally provokes the conservative base and benefits when his critics overreact...

  • In politics, broken promises are the same as lies

    In politics, broken promises are the same as lies

    The problem with Baltimore City government for the past five decades is that Democratic one-party rule has done very little to get rid of vacant homes. So Gov. Larry Hogan rides in and makes campaign promises he can't keep ("How Hogan can best help city deal with vacants," Sept. 26). I am a 70-year-old...

  • Risks of police work make officers wary

    Risks of police work make officers wary

  • Who controls health care?

    Who controls health care?

    Who is treating the patient these days? Is it a doctor, pharmacist or the insurance company? I am post-surgery for right cataract extraction and intraocular lens transplant. I was given a prescription for certain eye drops. The physician wrote a prescription for eyedrops to put in my eye four times...

  • Air conditioning is a civil right

    Air conditioning is a civil right

    The Sun sneers at Comptroller Peter Franchot for his concern with air conditioning in schools, noting in particular that the schools lacking air conditioning are racially integrated ("Air conditioning as a civil right?" Sept. 23). This argument is plain silly. Civil rights are not only about race....