Hate-filled immigration demonstration hits home [Commentary]

Susan Reimer: Hate-filled immigration demonstration hits home [Commentary]

It was a typical Saturday in Annapolis, and I was busy running errands.

Plant protein is a better alternative to seafood [Letter]

Plant protein is a better alternative to seafood [Letter]

An impassioned plea for freedom [Letter]

Accreditation can't replace inspections [Letter]

America has a moral responsibility to victims of persecution and violence [Letter]

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Iran talks must continue [Letter]

Iran talks must continue [Letter]

I want to thank you for the editorial regarding negotiations with Iran ("Keep talking with Iran," July 20). It is extremely important that the U.S. and Iran keep...

Thanks from a musician's mom [Letter]

Thanks from a musician's mom [Letter]

I just read Susan Reimer's wonderful column in The Baltimore Sun and it took me back through the past six months to relive the amazing experience my son Thomas and the boys have been through ("Collabro hits all the right notes," July 19).

Don't cut back on inspections [Letter]

Don't cut back on inspections [Letter]

I read the article, "Md. health agency cutting inspections (July 20), with dismay. My parents were in a beautiful assisted living facility in Anne Arundel County. We noticed...

Israel is a failed state that should be dismantled [Letter]

Israel is a failed state that should be dismantled [Letter]

While many readers may find our view of the Israel-Palestine situation blasphemous, we defy anyone to propose another solution for this 50-year-old conflict. We hope all can agree that another 20, 50 or 100 years of this war is unacceptable, not least because of the prospects for genocide and...

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Hamas only understands strength [Letter]

It is obvious that letter writer Bruce Knauff does not understand the Middle East and how it works ("Conflict over Gaza is one-sided," July 16). He probably has never been outside of Maryland.

Hobby Lobby decision won't affect women's access to health care [Letter]

I would like to clarify some issues around the Hobby Lobby case that have been misrepresented in the extreme.

Scrambling downtown traffic patterns won't attract new families to the city [Letter]

It seems to me that if Charlie Duff and others want to attract 10,000 new families to the city they are putting the cart before the horse in terms of enticements ("Two ways about it," July...

Slowing the Calvert and St. Paul raceways [Letter]

Regarding the city's plan to create two-way streets ("Two ways about it," July 16), I look forward to a time when Calvert Street and St. Paul Street are simply neighborhood streets and not...

Sun is oblivious on Holder [Letter]

I cannot believe anyone at The Sun wrote the editorial defending Attorney General Eric Holder with a straight face ("Holder and race," July 16). After I picked myself off the floor from...

Children should be welcomed [Letter]

Over the past several months, the matter of children fleeing violence in their Central American countries for safety in ours has entered into our national conversation ("Carroll's revealing...

Tax breaks for veterans unfair to other retirees [Letter]

As a 67-year-old retiree living in Maryland my whole life I am sick and tired of politicians picking winners and losers ("Hogan tells veterans he would eliminate state income tax...

Hamas is the aggressor in Gaza [Letter]

Evidently letter writer Bruce Knauff ignored the facts when he claimed that the Israeli response to thousands of rockets fired into Israel is of no importance compared to the casualties in Gaza ("...


Harder high school tests [Poll]

Starting next year, 9th- and 10th-grade students in Maryland will have to pass English and algebra tests tied to the Common Core curriculum to graduate. Should the switch to harder exams be delayed, as some have suggested?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure