Florida House speaker talk for 2021 is foolish

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Wednesday's column ended with a call for more cameras in cop cars and on cops themselves.

It was answered by two local departments that said they are ahead of the camera curve.

Officials at the University of Central Florida called to report that, during any given shift, half its officers are wearing on-person cameras.

And the Casselberry Police Department says it will soon have cameras in two-thirds of its cars — and ultimately hopes to have every officer either wearing a camera or driving a camera-equipped car.

Both departments say the same thing: Cameras are good for everyone involved.

They foster public trust. They protect cops from false accusations. They help prosecutors make cases. Quite simply: They help tell the whole story.

The on-person ones seem to be the preferred. They catch a cops'-eye view of everything — and are increasingly affordable at $1,000 to $2,000.

Casselberry Chief Bill McNeil said cameras already have helped him dismiss two bogus complaints against his officers.

These smaller departments didn't wait for lawsuits. Or threats. They didn't bellyache about the costs — which are tiny in the grand scheme of hiring and equipping an officer.

They simply decided their officers — and the public trust — were worth the investment.


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