President's chief problem is Congress

What part of Republican gridlock and obstructionism does letter writer Paul Jackson not grasp ("Only in liberal-land is $447 billion small change," Sept. 14)?

The record number of filibusters perpetrated on the American people by the Republicans has brought legislation to a halt. So what if the president had a majority in the House and Senate during his first two years in office. If filibusters rule the land, nothing the majority tries to do gets past it.

The 112th Congress, with a Republican House majority, is even worse. The Republican mantra to keep President Obama from a second term is what is driving all of Republican congressional action. My guess is that Mr. Jackson knows all of this. Did he forget the secret blackball by a Republican to prevent unemployment aid to get on the floor? He just uses the question of "majority rule" as an attempt to prove President Obama is not effective.

Ivan Rotkovitz, Baltimore

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