Dan Rodricks Father's Day columns

June 17, 2001

Stream of Consciousness

I can hear him now: "All that for that?" I can pretty much see him, too, in his khaki trousers and white T-shirt, over in the small clearing by the honeysuckle thicket on the little river I love. My father is watching me fish in the way I have chosen to fish in the years since his death: With a fly rod and tiny lures fashioned of feathers to look like the bugs that finicky trout eat. I can hear him now, as I stand knee-deep in the river and extend a small, delicate net for a trout that's all green, yellow and white with brown spots, about 10 inches of God's glory. I hold the trout in my hand for a moment so that my father might appreciate it. But he only laughs: "All that for that?" And when I ease the little fish back into the river, he laughs harder and disappears into the woods.

June 15, 1990

A Father's Day for my mentors

"The old male initiators -- King Arthur was one -- are interested in the souls of the young man. That's what the young men are missing, that there aren't any older men who are interested in their souls." -- Robert Bly, poet

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