Jon Stewart criticizes Obama's Afghanistan plan

President Barack Obama's speech on Afghanistan -- in which he said he'd remove a minority of troops there by next summer -- is being met with criticism from both the right and left. 

Hawkish politicians want to keep all the troops there as long as the generals desire (which could be forever) and those opposed to the war want to bring the troops home immediately. 

Comedian Jon Stewart joined the chorus of critics last night, when he ripped Obama's plan for not bringing the troops home quickly enough. 

"That's it?" Stewart asked. "You came out to announce that the troops you sent to Afghanistan a year and a half ago are going to be incrementally removed from that country over the next year and a half putting us at a troop commitment level that is still above the one that was there before you took office?"  

Stewart then played clips of conservatives criticizing the speech as a political move to appease left-wingers and liberals also expressing their disappointment with the speech. 

"So it seems that Barack Obama has pulled off an incredible feat: He has given a speech nobody liked," Stewart said. "Somehow, he has found and touched American on our anti-G spot."

Stewart ended the clip saying, "Bring the boys home!"  


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