Jules Witcover

Jules Witcover


Tragedy didn't start airline woes

September 21, 2001

WASHINGTON-- When the major airlines' chief executives appealed to Congress this week for a $17.5 billion bailout, they also threw in a request that the federal government take over the critical task of screening passengers before flight boarding.

  • U.S. must lead effort to end terrorism

    September 14, 2001

    PARIS -- Not too many years ago, on one of the top floors of New York's World Trade Center that is no more, I interviewed American diplomat John J. McCloy about the Black Tom explosion that also rocked New York Harbor and lower Manhattan 85 years ago.

Ruling out 'boots on the ground' [Poll]

Has President Obama made a mistake promising that there will be no ground troop combat forces deployed to defeat the Islamic State?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure