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Life lessons in 'Inside Out'

My eight-year-old daughter, Anne, and I had a wonderful time viewing the new Disney/Pixar film "Inside Out." As many parents of a young children know by now, the film tells the story of Riley Andersen, a girl who moves from Minnesota to San Francisco and must cope with the transition to a new home,...

  • The only good nuclear deal with Iran

    The only good nuclear deal with Iran

    While negotiating the future of Iran's nuclear program, The Obama Administration is preoccupied with its foreign policy legacy. The president seems willing to settle for a subpar nuclear accord with the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to land in the history books. The subsequent final deal may...

  • Inspiring middle schoolers to thrive

    Inspiring middle schoolers to thrive

    On Aug. 11, 1989, David Miller witnessed the shooting of his friend, Donald Vincent Bentley, on the streets of his native Baltimore. That experience ignited a passion for helping young people of color navigate the difficulties they face growing up in America today.

  • Confronting America's disease: white racism

    Confronting America's disease: white racism

    When my son was two years old, I took him to the park to play in a "Flintstones" like car. Soon, what appeared to be a class of first graders arrived from a nearby school. Two little white boys — one blonde-haired, the other redheaded — began fighting over who was going to play in the car. My son...


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Black churches burning

In the week following the murderous rampage in which nine black parishioners were shot and killed at a church in Charleston, S.C., a series of mysterious fires at African-American churches across the South has revived the specter of racist violence against a core institution of the black community....

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  • Tim Hunt's Witch Hunt

    Tim Hunt's Witch Hunt

    Nobel Prizewinning scientist Tim Hunt joked that men and women in the same lab tend to fall in love, and that tends to get in the way of their work. He also said that when female lab workers get criticized, they tend to cry.

  • Maryland's authority to protect the Chesapeake is in jeopardy

    Maryland's authority to protect the Chesapeake is in jeopardy

    Maryland and its economy depend on a healthy Chesapeake Bay. Right now, the state is negotiating with energy company Exelon over water quality threats posed by the Conowingo Dam — and who will pay to address them. However, Congress is considering legislation that will take away Maryland's authority...

  • South Carolina's racist history

    South Carolina's racist history

    The massacre by a young white man, according to police, of nine African Americans last week at a Charleston church Bible study has drawn the nation's attention to lingering racial hatred in America. If there is a more appropriate place to draw that attention than South Carolina, I don't know it.

  • Overcoming Baltimore's issues

    Overcoming Baltimore's issues

    The recent events in Baltimore are all too familiar to those of us who lived through the late 1960s, when riots broke out in major U.S. cities. President Lyndon Johnson appointed the Kerner Commission in 1967 to investigate the conditions that led to those events. When the commission's report was...

  • A Trumped-up candidacy

    A Trumped-up candidacy

    There's nothing in the Constitution that says a candidate for president must be a seasoned politician. But Donald Trump? Don't be ridiculous.

  • Help, don't hinder, non-violent offenders

    Help, don't hinder, non-violent offenders

    On any given day in Baltimore, 4,000 people are jailed. A shocking two thirds of those behind bars are locked up for nonviolent, even petty crimes, like trespassing or minor probation violations. Poor people and racial minorities are most likely to be arrested for these crimes and are overrepresented...

  • TPP means more jobs for Md.

    TPP means more jobs for Md.

    As the U.S. Ambassador to Australia, I have gained an even greater appreciation for the vast potential the Asia-Pacific region holds to benefit our communities, both in my home state of Maryland and across the United States. Maryland may seem far from the hustle and bustle of Asia, but a new trade...

  • Pope Francis' encyclical: a summons to a decision

    Pope Francis' encyclical: a summons to a decision

    Pope Francis is not the first pope to address environmental issues; Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI firmly addressed them. And the U.S. Catholic Bishops have been issuing significant documents about energy, natural resources and climate change since at least 1981. So why a full-blown encyclical?...

  • Baltimore police commissioner: There is a cost to reform

    Baltimore police commissioner: There is a cost to reform

    Last week I recognized 60 officers and professional staff at the 2015 Medal Day Ceremony. The valor and courage of these men and women, and a few citizen heroes, stands as a testament to the bravery and dedication of most members of the Baltimore Police Department. It reaffirmed my mission and...

  • Time to ban 'rough rides'

    Time to ban 'rough rides'

    The federal, state and local reports on police abuse reform present a host of actions needed, including training, body cameras and improved vetting of officers. But thus far, no one has called for an outright ban on "rough rides." Apparently, innocent until proven guilty does not apply to the back...

  • War lessons from a replica French frigate

    War lessons from a replica French frigate

    This week, the replica of the Hermione, the French tall ship which brought the Marquis de Lafeyette and French soldiers in 1780 to help Americans defeat the British at Yorktown, is visiting Baltimore. It's also the week that Congress is debating whether to expand or contract U.S. aid to anti-Assad...

  • Daddying: the great equalizer

    During almost two decades of interviewing dads across the entire socioeconomic spectrum and a wide variety of ethnic groups, and ranging in age from 16 to 104, I've learned that "daddying" — a term I coined in a 1994 magazine piece — is the great equalizer. Unlike "fathering," which represents...

  • Freedom of and from religion

    Freedom of and from religion

    On Sunday, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will kick off its usual lackluster campaign called the Fortnight for Freedom in Baltimore. This defense of religious liberty campaign is about as disingenuous an effort as any carnival huckster could conjure. In true Orwellian...