Roll back tax cuts and save Social Security

I've had it with the crocodile tears shed by conservatives over Social Security being a Ponzi scheme. Social Security has never missed a payment to any entitled beneficiary since its inception. Their payments to beneficiaries represent no more future indebtedness than veterans' benefits, salaries and pensions for federal workers or congressmen, or funds to fix highways. The only time the government might have defaulted on these was last month when the same conservatives held the government hostage over the debt ceiling in order to maintain Bush era tax cuts for the rich.

Spare me your cant about entitlement reform being hard to do. It's very simple, as The Sun editorial ("Social Security sets off sparks," Sept. 14) suggests. Simply adopt Clinton era tax brackets, and this should provide an adequate stream of revenue for all future government indebtedness. Why Bill Clinton, the last president in two score years to balance the budget, is not on the Super Committee charged with finding the golden mean of revenue and cuts to keep the government as we know it going is a total mystery to me.

But that's another matter. Here's a handy formula for anyone wishing to understand the disingenuousness of conservatives in regard to funding Social Security for future retirees and the disabled:

Entitlement reform = More tax cuts for the rich.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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