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Marylander of the Year: Larry Hogan

Around this time last year, the question of whether and when businessman Larry Hogan would enter the race for Maryland governor was of small interest beyond some hard-core Republican Party activists. Concocting a path for him to actually win was at that point was no more than a fun parlor...

  • Bowing to North Korea's film critic
    Bowing to North Korea's film critic

    By most accounts, "The Interview," the comedy that revolves around a bumbling plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, is not high art but the sort of sophomoric, gross-out shtick that Hollywood produces in bulk these days. But most Americans will likely never be able to judge...

  • Welcome back, Caret
    Welcome back, Caret

    In selecting University of Massachusetts System President Robert Caret as its next chancellor, the University System of Maryland has kept up a tradition of leadership by those with deep ties to the state and its higher education traditions. Mr. Caret spent 29 years as a professor, dean,...

  • Turning a page on Cuba
    Turning a page on Cuba

    The release today of Alan Gross, the American contractor from Maryland held captive for five years in a Cuban prison on trumped up espionage charges, signals not only the long-awaited return of an unjustly accused man to his family and friends but also a historic shift in U.S. policy toward the...

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  • For better or worse, spending bill passes

    As British comedian John Oliver not long ago observed, Congress never loses its capacity to disappoint you. The omnibus 10-month $1.1 trillion spending plan approved by the U.S. Senate over the weekend following a close vote in the House last Thursday would normally be seen as a sign of...

  • The great seafood rip-off
    The great seafood rip-off

    When grouper appears on a restaurant menu, a diner ought to be confident that grouper is served, not catfish from Thailand. At the grocery store, a container labeled "Chesapeake Bay" crab meat should actually contain crab from the Chesapeake Bay. And no seafood lover should have to...

  • Hogan's fiscal rhetoric meets reality
    Hogan's fiscal rhetoric meets reality

    When Gov.-elect Larry Hogan proclaimed the need for "strong medicine" to cure Maryland's fiscal state, he drew some jeers from the Democrats in Annapolis. The O'Malley administration bristled at the notion that he was bad-mouthing the incumbent governor's fiscal management. Sen. Richard...

  • Refusing treatment

    Too often families of people with serious mental disorders feel they have little choice but to stand by and watch helplessly as their loved ones' condition deteriorates. Many mentally ill people do not realize they are sick and resist seeing a doctor or taking medications. As a result their...

  • The importance of Rawlings-Blake's pension reform
    The importance of Rawlings-Blake's pension reform

    Baltimore's active and retired police officers and fire fighters got a good bit of news this week with the release of an annual report on their pension system's finances. Thanks to strong investment returns and increased contributions from both the city and plan members, the system's net...

  • Overdose emergency
    Overdose emergency

    The announcement by state officials Tuesday that 140 Maryland pharmacies will begin stocking a medication that can reverse the effects of heroin overdoses comes at a time when deaths from abuse of the drug are rising throughout the state. Making the overdose antidote Narcan, also known as...

  • Bel Air's lone wolf paranoia
    Bel Air's lone wolf paranoia

    Harford County residents were likely surprised by this week's decision of the Harford County Council to bar the public from approaching council members at regular meetings, particularly because the justification was the threat of "lone terrorists." Lone wolf terrorist attacks in places like New...

  • Holding the CIA to account
    Holding the CIA to account

    The 449-page executive summary of a Senate Intelligence Committee report released today on the CIA's torture of suspected al-Qaida detainees after the Sept. 11 attacks contained only a fraction of the information gathered by Senate investigators over the last five years. But it is chilling...

  • Franchot in the catbird seat
    Franchot in the catbird seat

    The most telling thing about the joint appearances Maryland's Republican Gov.-elect, Larry Hogan, and its Democratic Comptroller, Peter Franchot, had in Easton this week was that it was a case of Mr. Hogan tagging along with Mr. Franchot, not the other way around. Mr. Hogan is about to...

  • Holding one's breath, GOP style
    Holding one's breath, GOP style

    Last month, the Obama administration announced tougher Clean Air Act rules intended to reduce ground-level ozone, the chief component of the smog that plagues the Baltimore-Washington area and much of the nation. With at least half the pollution blowing into Maryland from the burning of...

  • Horseshoe revenue silver linings
    Horseshoe revenue silver linings

    It's way too early to panic over reports showing that the new Horseshoe Casino in downtown Baltimore is taking in about a third less money than consultants had projected. It takes time for new casinos to develop, and this one has only been in operation since August. But even if the trends hold,...

  • Smaller is better
    Smaller is better

    A Baltimore City Council investigative committee looking into the city's problem-plagued speed- and red light-camera program has discovered what should have been obvious all along: That the now suspended system was far too big to be managed efficiently, that it was set up too quickly by the...

  • State Center debate
    State Center debate

    State legislative analysts have raised some valid questions about the O'Malley administration's plans to move forward with a long-delayed public-private partnership to redevelop the aging State Center office complex into a mixed-use, transit oriented development. In the years that this...

  • 2014 Marylander of the Year finalists
    2014 Marylander of the Year finalists

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  • Money and power in Annapolis
    Money and power in Annapolis

    When Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller faced the task of selecting a new chairman for the Judicial Proceedings Committee to replace Attorney General-elect Brian Frosh, he had a choice between two well qualified but contrasting candidates: Sen. Bobby Zirkin, a practicing attorney from...