Guns and the governor's race  [Editorial]

Guns and the governor's race [Editorial] 

Wednesday marks the anniversary of Maryland's tough new gun control law going into effect, and advocates are marking the occasion with a rally in Columbia. The law is getting some recognition in the governor's race, too, with Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, the Democrat, hammering at his opponent, Republican Larry Hogan, for opposing the state's assault weapons ban, the ban on sales of high-capacity ammunition magazines and "common sense background checks."

Pact with Afghanistan [Editorial] 

Pact with Afghanistan  [Editorial]

The signing of a long-delayed bilateral security agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan today means the U.S. won't again find itself in the same situation...


Cops and cameras  [Editorial]

Cops and cameras [Editorial] 

Legislation introduced Monday in the City Council would require every Baltimore police officer to wear a body camera within a year. Though the proposal leaves many questions unanswered regarding how...

Harford pay wars  [Editorial]

Harford pay wars [Editorial] 

For most of Maryland, David R. Craig might be remembered best as the candidate for governor who finished second to Larry Hogan in the Republican primary earlier this year. But there's another title...

Don't shut off the White House  [Editorial]

Don't shut off the White House [Editorial] 

There's simply no excuse for the Secret Service to have allowed an apparently deranged man to vault over the White House fence on Friday then sprint across the lawn and actually enter the president'...

The Ravens' story shifts  [Editorial]

The Ravens' story shifts [Editorial] 

During a lengthy and wide-ranging news conference Monday, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said one thing that is indisputably true: that both his competence and his integrity are being questioned in...

More talk, more action  [Editorial]

More talk, more action [Editorial]

Monocles are off to the New Yorker for the best headline we've seen yet regarding climate change, this week's United Nations summit in New York and the large-scale demonstrations that have accompanied...

License to deport  [Editorial]

License to deport [Editorial] 

Maryland's decision to join a handful of states that allow undocumented immigrants the chance to obtain driver's licenses was a pragmatic one designed to keep residents safe. Border security,...

Congress is not transparent enough about its intelligence oversight [Commentary]

Congress is currently debating changes to the legally authorized, court-supervised and administration-managed bulk records collection programs. The most widely known of these being Section 215 of...

Susan Reimer: Women planning retirement face challenges [Commentary]

The working population is heading toward retirement like lemmings to the edge of the cliff — about 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day.

Employers skirt wage requirements [Commentary]

Government leaders at all levels — including President Barack Obama — are pushing to raise the floor on pay, and pundits are lining up on both sides: Will higher minimum wages put more...

A crisis in Central America

A crisis of enormous economic and humanitarian impact is unfolding in Central America, and it's hard to find much mention of it in our national media, other than constant references to a result of the...

Howard Baker, the last of the Republican moderates [Commentary]

At a time when the Republican Party needs a heavy dose of compromise to bring functionality back to government, one of its most admirable models of goodwill and working across the aisle has departed...

Tax sales tax city [Commentary]

Baltimore City auctioned off more than $20 million worth of tax, water and other liens this spring in an online auction. These liens are tied to almost 7,000 properties, assessed at a total of more...

Thomas F. Schaller: Not taxing U.S. corporations gives a pass to foreigners [Commentary]

Supreme Court conservatives continue to insist that corporations have the same rights as people on matters ranging from making campaign donations (Citizens United) to raising religious objections to...

U.S. food aid still needed around the world [Commentary]

Sharing the bounty of America's farms is a lifesaving tradition almost as old at the Republic itself. In 1812, President James Madison sent emergency aid to earthquake victims in Venezuela....

Fallujah redux [Commentary]

When I departed Fallujah, Iraq in October 2007 after a six-month deployment with the U.S. Navy as a tribal and political engagement officer, I left a city that appeared to have turned its back on...


Eric Holder successor [Poll]

Would Thomas E. Perez, Maryland's former labor secretary and the current U.S. labor secretary, make a good replacement for outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure