Debate coverage shows pro-Romney/Ryan spin

What disappointing, seemingly one-sided coverage Tribune Co. offered of the vice presidential debate ("VP rivals come out swinging," Oct. 12). From the coverage, it appeared that Vice President Joseph Biden made shallow, uninformed remarks that Rep. Paul Ryan skillfully rebutted.

In fact, just the opposite looked to be the case. For example, Mr. Biden charged that while Mr. Ryan rails against the Obama administration's stimulus package today, he had twice requested stimulus money for projects in his home state of Wisconsin in earlier letters to Mr. Biden.

The moderator repeatedly asked Mr. Ryan for specifics about the Romney-Ryan tax plan, but Mr. Ryan refused to answer. By contrast, Mr. Biden clearly explained the administration's decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan as the result of an agreement among 49 countries to turn responsibility for security there over to the Afghan government and its forces.

Please provide more balanced reporting of the remaining presidential debates. Your readers deserve no less.

Hilda Coyne, Baltimore

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