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Voting machine problems suspicious

What is that foul odor in the air? Could be voting machine 'flips' that seem to favor Democrats.

Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by a 2-to-1 ratio in Maryland, yet in the race for governor, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown is only two points ahead of Republican Larry Hogan ("Maryland governor's race sparks national interest," Oct. 27). More than 50 voters have reported that when trying to vote Republican, their votes flipped over to Democrat. We heard that it was probably voter error, fat fingers, long nails, resting your palm on the screen, etc.

This could only be duplicated on eight machines, which were taken out of service ("GOP calls for voting machine probe," Oct. 29). How many votes were miscast that were not discovered or that people did not notice? Is the fox guarding the hen house? Does anyone else find it strange that there were no complaints of Democratic votes "flipping" to Republican?

There may not have been any hanky panky going on with the voting, but something sure does smell like week-old dead crabs in the blue state of Maryland.

Craig Garfield, Ellicott City

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