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Greedy unions forced Sparrows Point to close

The United Steelworkers Local 9477 has dreamed up a number of fictitious reasons for the demise of the mill at Sparrows Point ("Union's account of steel mill's end," Dec. 18).

They have refused to admit, and The Sun seems afraid to say, that the real reason there will no longer be a steel mill at Sparrows Point stems from the fact that no corporation in the U.S. can make money in that business because of high labor costs due to union demands.

Why are our shoes no longer made in the United States? Why are imitation Christmas trees now coming from China, along with so many other things we buy?

We have the skills to beat the rest of the world in making virtually anything imaginable, but manufacturers can't compete because of the high labor costs brought about by unions.

Until labor unions face this reality and act responsibly, this country will continue to be a net importer of goods rather than the net exporter we should be.

Louis Storm, Bel Air

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