TU president acted responsibly in athletics cuts

As a Towson alum, I have followed very closely the announcement and the process that followed to discontinue the soccer and baseball teams. As vice chair of the Board of Visitors at Towson, I had an opportunity, along with my fellow board members, to participate in several lengthy discussions with Towson President Maravene Loeschke in an attempt to understand the rationale behind the decision and the different steps taken to ensure that it received close scrutiny ("Painful cuts TU needs," March 17).

At every step, Ms. Loeschke was clear in articulating the issues facing the university and the need to make a change in the athletic department. At the same time, she included many different Towson University constituencies in the review process and invited outside experts to review the budgets and the reports.

I share the disappointment of people who wanted to continue on the same path. I also share with them the pride that I feel when I see how Towson has grown into a major university that is well regarded both locally and nationally. At the same time we all must be realistic that the athletic department operates under the same budgetary constraints as other departments and adjustments needed to be made for it to become more independent.

Myrna Cardin, Baltimore

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