Romney returns not fair game

The Sun's "Many unhappy returns?" (July 19) editorial is true to the way you (and the majority of the media) operate. If there is something potentially embarrassing to the right, it must come to light. If there is something potentially embarrassing to the left, it must be kept under a rock.

If you are calling for Mitt Romney to release his tax returns, you are asking him to provide information to the left to back up their case that he is rich (which he is) and has likely used legal methods to minimize his taxes. No one is saying that he is cheating on his taxes. He ran for president in 2008, and knew he was likely to run in 2012. He is smart enough to run Bain Capital (with its billions of union pension money) and turn around the Olympics. Is he dumb enough to cheat on his taxes? Not likely. You just want more fodder for the left.

Your statement that those college transcripts for President Barack Obama is not relevant is equally laughable. Just because the right has not yet made this an issue, doesn't mean that it is not 100 percent equivalent. A man that has written two more autobiographies than significant pieces of legislation (at any level) has gone to great lengths to hide the application and the transcripts. If President Obama lied regarding his background (like Elizabeth Warren's 1/32nd Native American heritage) or showed how his thinking evolved on critical issues, outside of his own current political commentary, it is equally relevant to the election.

In The Sun, the motto is "Light for All," as long as "All" are Democrats.

Ira Malis, Pikesville

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