City property tax burden overstated

The Sun investigation into the Homestead tax credit and its impact on the city ("Distorted discount," Dec. 18) perpetuates the fiction that the Baltimore property tax rate (2.268 percent) is "at least double that of any other jurisdiction in Maryland."

I am looking at my current Howard County property tax bill and I am obliged to pay a total of 1.230 percent for county tax, fire protection, and ad valorem (debt service on county bonds and operation of the county water and sewer system) plus $509 in fixed annual fees (which are not tax-deductible) for trash collection and for construction of county water and sewer mains.

All of these itemized charges are included in Baltimore City's unified rate. City real estate taxes may be too high but are not as high as claimed.

Bruce Krueger, Ellicott City

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