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Homestead property tax credit is unfair

Kudos to Jamie Smith Hopkins and Scott Calvert for their excellent investigative report on Homestead Property Tax Credit ("Distorted discount," Dec. 18). I always thought I was paying much more taxes than my neighbors. I went online, and saw for myself. Some of my neighbors are getting a whopping 46 percent credit for a house assessed $20,000 more than mine, while I get a measly 24 percent credit. I can't figure it out because I bought my house long before they did. I feel even worse for those of my neighbors who are getting no credit, and I know they can't afford the high taxes. This is certainly not a fair system.

Thank you Del. Sandy Rosenberg for wanting to fix this problem. I am close to retirement and have seriously considered selling my house to avoid paying the high taxes. I hope some serious changes are made.

Shulamit Gartenhaus, Baltimore

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