Maryland must tax and spend less

Gov. Martin O'Malley's budget proposes a $1.4 billion increase in spending over last year ("O'Malley offers $37.3 billion plan," Jan. 17).

Spending has increased 26 percent since 2008, taxes have been raised 24 times and high-income earners have fled the state due to unfriendly tax policies.

Bechtel and Northrop Grumman have moved to Virginia, along with hundreds of thousands of jobs. Now a 15-cent increase in gas tax?

Florida, Tennessee and Texas have no income tax, Indiana is calling for a 10 percent tax cut. New Mexico's governor has called for slashing corporate taxes to 4.9 percent.

Higher taxes do more economic harm. Enough is enough.

Gini Spicer, Crownsville

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