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St. Joseph center is getting back on track

As a 35-year employee of St. Joseph Medical Center, I have followed with interest your coverage of issues the hospital has faced over the last several years. While overall the reporting has been accurate, the most recent articles have not conveyed a fair or accurate picture of the hospital's efforts to regain its stellar reputation ("St. Joseph center not certified by Medicare," Feb. 13).

Under the new management by the University of Maryland, there has been diligent examination of every detail of the hospital's operation by management as well as all staff. As a respiratory therapist involved in direct patient care, I see this first-hand and I can't help but wonder if some bias is not present in The Sun's coverage of the hospital.

While not presuming to speak for the administration of St. Joseph, I can assure the community that some poor decisions by previous management and a few former employees have never compromised patient care. The physicians and staff at St Joseph are second to none in their dedication to excellent medical care, and I would hope to see a bit more fairness in future reporting of the remaking of an established community institution.

Edward Koerber

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