Grand plans for Sparrows Point are too little, too late

I read Dan Rodricks' column about how to renew manufacturing at Sparrows Point, and I found his suggestion of putting a Berger Cookie factory on the site glib, inappropriate and insensitive to the many workers who lost their jobs. It was an idea that would only come from someone who didn't have family who worked down the point and who just doesn't get it.

My father worked down the point for 50 years, as did my grandfather, and my brother just lost his job there when the plant closed.

Yes, we all hope the politicians have some better ideas for the historic site as they watch the entire complex, including the modern cold mill, the mighty basic oxygenation furnace where my father worked, and the iconic L furnace being razed to the ground. No politician could stop the Justice Department when they forced Mittal to sell the point. They stood by and watched it fall into increasingly unstable hands. Then, none could stop the judge from allowing this farce of a deal to go through. So, in my opinion, they let a junk dealer buy these important facilities for a fraction of what they were worth and gut them for parts. Unbelievable.

We would all like to see grand plans for the site come to fruition, but the reality is that those dreams are years away, and these people are in need of work now.

L. Patterson, Baltimore

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